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A view of Diaverum Kleve with its medical equipment, beds and staff.
A view of Diaverum Kleve with its medical equipment, beds and staff.

Diaverum Kleve

Hoffmannallee 41-51, 47533 Kleve, Germany

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About Diaverum Kleve

Our experienced team welcomes you to MVZ Diaverum Kleve – Kleve clinic.
At Diaverum, we offer our patients consistently high standards of care in every one of our clinics worldwide. While our care excellence, based on a highly standardised approach, drives superior medical outcomes, we also know the importance of truly empowering patients, their friends and family. Our empathetic culture delivers a holistic renal care experience, as well as a warm and friendly atmosphere to ensure our patients can regain their strength both physically and emotionally.
The clinic has been part of Diaverum since 2009 and offers 28 dialysis stations. In addition to the MVZ Diaverum Kleve - Kleve clinic, has one satellite clinic in at the Kath. Karl-Leisner Hospital.
As well as renal care services, we also offer nutritional advice and diabetic consultations at our clinic. 
We look forward to welcoming you personally to MVZ Diaverum Kleve - Kleve clinic.
Monday, Thursday		   07:30 – 11:30 and 14:00 – 18:00
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday   07:30 – 11:30
As part of the d.HOLIDAY programme, our clinic offers holiday dialysis to patients from all over the world.
About Kleve: Historically known as Cleves in English, Kleve is the pearl of Lower Rhine and lies very close to the German-Dutch border. Schwanenburg Castle is the city's most notable landmark, offering breathtaking views over the Rhine. Kleve's historic garden is also a popular visitor attraction. The garden is embedded in a system of parks, castles and lakes, and invites visitors to relax in this historically and culturally valuable environment.

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