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A view of Diaverum Tatuapé with its medical equipment, beds and staff.
A view of Diaverum Tatuapé with its medical equipment, beds and staff.

Diaverum Tatuapé

Rua Potiguares, 171, 03065-010 São Paulo, Brazil

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About Diaverum Tatuapé

Welcome to Diaverum Tatuapé.
Improving the quality of life of our patients is our mission. Because everyone deserves a fulfilling life. To this way, we strive to make a difference in the lives of our patients by providing dialysis care based on the highest quality standards.
Our specialised teams work in an integrated way, to meet the different needs of each patient, in very warm and friendly environments. 
Inaugurated in 1996, it became part of Diaverum in 2019. In addition to specialized ambulatories for the best care of patients, the clinic has 68 stations, equipped with modern technology to ensure safety and the best treatment. 
São Paulo never stops. The largest city in Brazil receives its visitors, tourism or work, with numerous leisure options. Diaverum Tatuapé, located in the east zone of the city, has easy access and structure ready to receive patients as part of the d.HOLIDAY program. 
Diabetes Care Program:
Diabetes Prevention and Management Program based on cost-effectiveness and coordinated and patient-centered care.
Diaverum model of Line of Care for Chronic Disease Patient
• Coordinated and patient-centered care
• Main professionals working in the same unit of care following pre-established guideline-based protocols
• Easy access to the healthcare team (digital devices)
• Patient education and empowerment stimulating their selfcare
• Communication with stakeholders (operator, govern institutions, other society resources)
Structure of Care
Medical leadership:
• Marcela Teixeira, MD: Endocrinology and Medical-Outpatient’s Coordination
• Gelba Almeida, MD: Medical Director of Diaverum
Care is focused on the Ambulatorial Unit of Diaverum Tatuapé with:
• Specific physical structure
• 100%-program dedicated medical and care teams
• Telemedicine platform, electronic medical record, and an application to the patient as support to the program
• Measurement of health clinical indicators and outcomes shared with the partner in the program
Principles of Care:
Protocols: definition of the routine of care directed by Medical Protocols developed based on updated guidelines of the SBD (Brazilian Society of Diabetes and ADA (American Diabetes Association) 
Integrated care: recognized and recommended for chronic diseases and especially for Diabetes due to its complexity
Multidisciplinary Care: data from ADA corroborate that the integrated, individualized, and patient-centered multiprofessional monitoring is associated with better clinical results and reduction of complication risk
Partnerships: Ophthalmologist, Cardiologist, Vascular Surgeon working at external services sharing information
Indicators: periodic analysis of clinical control data and health outcomes
Management: training for team alignment, results analysis, and continuous improvement processes
If you would like to know more about our Diabetes Care program, please contact us.

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