Fundació Puigvert
Fundació Puigvert
Fundació Puigvert

Fundació Puigvert

Cartagena, 340-350, 08025 Barcelona, Spain

9.2 Excellent

About the Clinic

The Dialysis unit at Fundació Puigvert, Barcelona is available for holiday dialysis offering the opportunity to all patients interested in visiting Barcelona to experience outstanding dialysis-friendly holidays.

Fundacio Puigvert is one of Europe's leading centres for the provision of specialized medical care in Urology, Nephrology and Adrology.

It has highly trained, experienced medical staff who works within multidisciplinary teams. Fundació Puigvert is perfectly located close to downtown Barcelona, between Sagrada Familia and Guell Park.

At Fundació Puigvert we do our best to make you feel right at home and make your stay as pleasant as possible by providing a variety of facilities and amenities:

• Five qualified and highly experienced nephrologists
• Permanent supervision during dialysis treatments
• Multilingual staff
• Twenty two state of the art dialysis machines
• Light snack
• TV set
• Wi-Fi access

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2 Reviews
Friendliness 8.5
Cleanliness 10
Facilities 8.5
Overall Experience 10
10 traveller
young engaged skilled staff, speaking english. Full time service with coffee and sandwich. best experience
8.5 traveller
The price indicated was incorrect we paid 291€ for each session

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Cartagena, 340-350, 08025 Barcelona, Spain

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€368.73 / per treatment

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