Diaverum Torremolinos Dialysis Clinic

Diaverum Torremolinos Dialysis Clinic

C/ La Cruz 58, 29620 توريمولينوس, إسبانيا

مفتوحة اليوم 07:30 - 18:34
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At Diaverum, we offer our patients consistently high standards of care in every one of our clinics worldwide. While our care excellence, based on a highly standardized approach, drives superior medical outcomes, we also know the importance of truly empowering patients, their friends and family. Our empathetic culture delivers a holistic renal care experience, including our d.HOLIDAY programme. This enables patients who wish to travel to do so in full confidence that they can receive Diaverum care, worldwide. Because everyone deserves a fulfilling life.
Please refer to the clinic for further information regarding free transfer and parking while at the clinic as a holiday patient.


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الخميس 07:30 - 18:33
الجمعة 07:30 - 18:34
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Super Einrichtung.
1 Getränk pro Dialyse inkludiert. Keine Snacks. Sprachen: Spanisch und Englisch. Gerne wieder. Reisender aus Deutschland. Abrechnung erfolgt über die Europäische Versicherungskarte.
مسافر عن طريق منصة bookdialysis.com
Lovely people would recommend this place to everyone
مسافر عن طريق منصة bookdialysis.com
مسافر عن طريق منصة bookdialysis.com
مسافر عن طريق منصة bookdialysis.com
مسافر عن طريق منصة bookdialysis.com
I was welcomed to the clinic and made to feel very relaxed and comfortable, the nursing staff were very efficient and knowledgeable, despite my lack of the Spanish language we managed to communicate quite well.
مسافر عن طريق منصة bookdialysis.com
From the moment I walked through the door I was put at ease. The staff were friendly and very professional which filed me with confidence. The unit was spotless, and was run very professionally. This is the first time I have traveled abroad since starting dialysis and this has given me the encouragement to travel more. Thank you to all of the staff involved in sorting my dialysis treatment out for me with a special shout out to Barbara Esteban wh couldn’t have been more helpful.
مسافر عن طريق منصة bookdialysis.com
Very friendly staff. Punctual with time slots. Received good advice from Pablo and Juaquim. Only one thing if you like strong tea take your own tea bags and a snack with you. Couldn't fault the Unit at all.
مسافر عن طريق منصة bookdialysis.com
مسافر عن طريق منصة bookdialysis.com
Excellent service. I will always use Bookdialysis.com. Thank you so much. Look after me so well.

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C/ La Cruz 58, 29620 توريمولينوس, إسبانيا

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