Diaverum Centro Rene di Latina

Diaverum Centro Rene di Latina

Via dei Cappuccini, 26, 04100 Latina, Italy

Open today 06:30 - 18:30

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Our experienced clinic team welcomes you to DIAVERUM LATINA. In our clinic we offer excellent medical service as well as a warm and friendly atmosphere to revitalise our patients both physically and emotionally.
DIAVERUM LATINA was inaugurated in 2002 and features 24 dialysis reclining chairs. All stations are equipped with TV screens and free Wi-Fi. As an integral part of our service we offer free meals, coffee and tea for our patients.
Visit Latina
Latina is a city and municipality in the province of Latina, Lazio, central Italy, halfway between Rome and Naples. That makes it the ideal starting point for the exploration of two of Italy´s most beautiful cities. For those who are not into big cities, we recommend the natural sights of Fondi.
The Latina Diaverum dialysis unit is placed in a flat zone in the south of Lazio, surrounded by Mounts Aurunci and Ausoni. This zone is placed in Mount Aurunci Natural Park, instituted by ten towns of Latina and Frosinone province. The Park is the most southern one among natural protected areas of Lazio. Especially rich in arts and culture, Fondi – clocse to Latins - offers to visitors 13 km of beach and a wonderful sea, winner of Blue Flag award. Moreover, the Lake of Fondi, the widest of south Lazio, is separated from the sea by picturesque sand dunes and is characterized by “Fish’s Tower” and aquatic flora and fauna.


Free WiFi
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Monday 06:30 - 23:00
Tuesday 06:30 - 18:30
Wednesday 06:30 - 23:00
Thursday 06:30 - 18:30
Friday 06:30 - 23:00
Saturday 06:30 - 18:30
Sunday Closed

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Via dei Cappuccini, 26, 04100 Latina, Italy

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