Aegina Island Nephrological  Center
Aegina Island Nephrological  Center
Aegina Island Nephrological  Center

Aegina Island Nephrological Center

Vas. Konstantinou 11, Kypseli, 18010 Egina, Grécia

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About Aegina Island Nephrological Center

The Saronic Nephrological Center is a pioneering movement funded by a private institution in the area of clinical nephrology with the objective to offer therapeutic services to patients who have end stage renal dysfunction and are required to have dialysis sessions.

We follow the standard individualized intervention treatments, using all types of dialysis methods (Hemodialysis and On-Line Hemodiafiltration), in order to maximize our patients benefit. The necessary infrastructure needed in order to achieve that, is customized to every patients individual needs and consists of: ten (10) NIKKISO DBB 05 dialysis units, which are placed in a room that measures eighty square feet, the water treatment feed is attained by a double system of reverse osmosis, a separates rooms for patients with Hepatitis B or HIV, and using disposables certified with ISO 9001:2000 of BAXTER/GAMBRO & NIKKISO. Moreover, for renal patient‘s assurance, TZANEIO Public General Hospital which is located in Piraeus and acts as the scientific supervisor of our center, is obliged to offer support in emergency incidents, in case that “Agios Dionisios Hospital” and the Public Health Center which operate in Aegina cannot provide any aid. Our center is conveniently located just five minutes away from the hospital, and in close proximity of the health center.

At our dialysis unit we do our best to make you feel right at home and make your stay as pleasant as possible by providing a variety of facilities and amenities:

• Personal TV set

• Free Wi-Fi connection

• light snacks, coffee, refreshments and fruits

• Wheelchair accessible

• Transportation services Hotel - Dialysis Clinic – Hotel

Aegina‘s visitor is able to go sight-seeing at the ancient temple of Aphaia (part of the isosceles triangle among the temples of Parthenon-Athens and Poseidon-Cape Sounio), the well-known monastery Agios Nektarios, Moni island, the Kapralos Museum and the archaeological area of Kolona, which is located near the harbor. Moreover, in cooperation with travel agencies that operate in Athens and Aegina, we are always ready to offer our help so that patients may better organize their travel time period and itinerary. It‘s geographical position allows patients and their caregivers the opportunity for daily trips to the nearby islands of Agkistri, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, the

archaeological area of Epidavros and the famous ancient theatre of Epidaurus, the museum of Acropolis (Athens).

The ancient theatre of Epidaurus is one of the most important monuments of ancient Greece and a world-class attraction, combining perfect acoustics, elegance, and symmetrical proportions. Every year during July and August hosts acclaimed ancient dramas, operas, symphonies, and dance performances. Leading local and foreign actors, directors, set designers, choreographers, musicians, and composers are all drawn to Epidaurus.

Sailing in Saronic Gulf: The islands close to Aegina are the most easily accessible islands by sailing yacht. The Saronic Gulf and the nearby Argolis prefecture of the Peloponnese mainland are ideal destinations for shorter trips and are also recommended for less experienced sailors due to the short distances involved and the relatively mild winds in comparison to other sailing areas in Greece. You can start your sailing trip from Alimos (Athens) marina or Aegina marina and visit the islands of Spetses, Hydra, and Poros with two one more stop in Epidavros located on the adjacent Peloponnese coast. This itinerary is ideal for a week-long sailing charter.

Aegina is widely known for the positive energy it emits. The same energy is instilled in us, and it is our wish to pass it along to our visitors. Our goal is met upon having achieved this, and our visitors have left and taken with them a memorable and pleasant experience at Saronic Nephrological Center


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Vas. Konstantinou 11, Kypseli, 18010 Egina, Grécia

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