Centre de Dialyse Diaverum Epinay

Centre de Dialyse Diaverum Epinay

104-106, avenue du Maréchal De Lattre de Tassigny, 93800 Epinay sur Seine, France

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Our experienced clinic team welcomes you to Diaverum Epinay. Epinay is only a few kilometers North from Paris, and it is the ideal starting point to visit the capital of France.
In our clinic we offer excellent medical service as well as a warm and friendly atmosphere to revitalize our patients both physically and emotionally.
The centre of dialysis of Epinay was opened in 1993 and joined Diaverum on January 31st, 2017. It features 18 dialysis reclining chairs. All stations are equipped with TV screens and free Wi-Fi.
Visit Paris
Paris, the city of love! Only a few cities in the world can compete with the charm of this city on the Seine. Nevertheless, the capital of France is not only for lovers worth visiting. Here, you can explore a number of historical, cultural and artistically sights.
Paris offers many sights for visitors. Of course you cannot visit Paris without climbing the Eiffel Tower. It offers a magnificent view above the whole city. Northwards you can see the district of Montmartre with the basilica of Sacre-Coeur. The district became known for being home of many painters and artists but also as the red light quarter of the city. The famous Moulin Rouge made an important contribution to the image of Montmartre. Close to the Eiffel Tower is also the Louvre with its well-known art collections - and of course the Mona Lisa. Paris is truly a city of art and culture that has influenced Europe and the entire world. Still today, its galleries, museums, theatres, restaurants and cafés attract thousands of visitors every year.
But not only from a cultural point of view, has Paris been in the center of many events, also from a historical point of view. Major historical events have left their impacts all over the city. One of the most famous marks is Notre Dame. It was built in the 12th century as one of the biggest churches in Europe; later Napoleon I. crowned himself emperor here. Likewise of great historical importance is Versailles Palace, close to Paris. Both buildings are open for tourists.

These are only a few sights of Paris but there are many more. Regardless, if you visit Paris for a weekend trip or for some weeks, you will never get bored but you will explore a very special place with its own spirit.


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bookdialysis.com traveller
An exceptional dialysis clinic, with staff that take really good care of you. I was extremely happy with my experience. Just a heads up, if you are not an EHIC card holder, they do not accept credit cards, only cash, so make sure you have that with you. Thank you for your excellent service.

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104-106, avenue du Maréchal De Lattre de Tassigny, 93800 Epinay sur Seine, France

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